Marko’s High Five

When you walk past Yolk and look at the window of our cafe-inspired ClubHouse space you might notice something different… … Read More

Krakow - Serviced Office

What Is A Serviced Office?

Moving to a serviced office allows you to benefit from the many amenities of a traditional office space without the… … Read More

Top 5 Places to Work in Krakow

Krakow has established itself on the digital nomad map; through a relatively low cost of living, a young population with plenty of bar and restaurants.

If you are visiting Krakow and need a place to work, check out some of our recommendations below. … Read More

Member Spotlight – Susanna & Simon

These two incredibly likable souls are on the cusp of something big. They have already made progress on a global issue that is more relevant now than ever, yet they have their sights set on  higher impact. Find out what Yolk Members Susanna and Simon are working towards and how they plan to achieve it.  … Read More

Breakfast at Yolk

We had a phenomenal turn out at our first Breakfast event, it certainly surpassed our expectations.
Although it was relatively early in the day, the atmosphere at Yolk was buzzing with life. There were lots of first introductions, lively discussions, and warm-hearted laughs all around. … Read More

Movie Night in Krakow - Yolk CoWorking

Film Night at Yolk

The warm summer evening, in combination with our rustic courtyard garden, framed an intimate setting for our screening. The film Miś, a 1980 Polish cult classic comedy, turned out to be perplexing and abstract at times for our primarily international audience, but that was half the fun. … Read More

Kraków Expat Insights

In May, we reached out to expats in Krakow to collect their thoughts on work, life, and community. In the midst of the lockdown, we wanted to get a better feel for who they are, how they are managing, and their outlook for the future. … Read More

Member Spotlight – Nicholas Holden

Nicholas Holden Originally from the UK, Nicholas Holden has been living in Kraków for 8 years where he founded Native Speaker Communications. A longtime member of the local startup scene; Nicholas is counted as one of the original Yolk … Read More

coworking after coronavirus

Coworking after Covid-19

Coronavirus will mean the weeks and months ahead will be testing times for the coworking community, but it might not be as bleak as it seems and what does this mean for those that currently cowork. Things might never go … Read More

Kraków Expat Resources

Kraków Expat Resources

Are you a Krakow expat building a new life in? Are you a digital nomad passing through? Whatever your situation, we think Kraków, a medieval city thriving with young innovative talent, is the perfect place to … Read More