Yolk Talks

Learn with Yolk

We invite our community to come and speak about their passion or profession. 45-60minute talks about anything from SEO, marketing to Earthquake prediction! Talks can be attended by Yolk members and attendees are free to ask questions after the presentation is finished.

Meet others

Meet other members of the community and find out what they are working on.

Get Help

The subject of our talks are often areas that can benefit others - SEO, Marketing and much more.


For Yolk Members

Living a fuller life happens with others

By hosting small intimate events like Breakfasts and Film Nights, introducing our members to those coming in for a tour of Yolk, and by checking-in on members who are away ...we nourish an atmosphere of belonging. This shared feeling in our community allows for harmonious collaboration, socialising, growth, and serendipity. And that's where the magic happens.

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Our commitment to the Yolk community goes further than booking out meeting rooms. For example, once a month we collect all the interesting internet content our members have found and send out the Hatchlinks Newsletter.