Summer Film Night

Summer Film Season 2023

This year we are organising a season of Yolk’s Summer Film Nights with a mixture of short and feature length Films.


30th June – Short Film Selection by Yolk Founder Max

28th July – Short Film Selection from Omeleto

25th August – The Great Beauty (2013)


*Film selection subject to change

Meet Up

Share an evening with others, watching something out of the ordinary, in a friendly and rustic setting.

Take it easy

Grab a chair and relax. We'll have popcorn, chips, assorted drinks, and something filling on hand too.

Free/members and their guests


Sign up on our event page or contact us if you have any questions

Living a fuller life happens with others

By hosting small intimate events like Breakfasts and Film Nights, introducing our members to those simply touring Yolk, and by checking-in on our members who are away ...we are nourishing an atmosphere of belonging. This shared feeling in our community allows for collaboration, socialising, growth, and sparks of serendipity. And that's how the magic happens.

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Our commitment to the Yolk community goes further than booking out meeting rooms. For example, once a month we collect all the interesting internet content our members have found and send out the Hatchlinks Newsletter.