Krakow Run Group

Run with us Tuesdays and Thursdays

The Krakow Run Group meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm by the Wawel Dragon. We usually run between 7 to 10 km along the river and local parks. The group is full of expats and a few Polish natives.

Meet others

Stay motivated and meet other expats and locals along the way.

Stay Active

Burn some calories and improve your health.


All runners welcome

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Krakow Run Group

Living a fuller life happens with others

By hosting small intimate events like Breakfasts and Film Nights, introducing our members to those coming in for a tour of Yolk, and by checking-in on members who are away ...we nourish an atmosphere of belonging. This shared feeling in our community allows for harmonious collaboration, socialising, growth, and serendipity. And that's where the magic happens.

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Our commitment to the Yolk community goes further than booking out meeting rooms. For example, once a month we collect all the interesting internet content our members have found and send out the Hatchlinks Newsletter.