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Business networking in English


Open Coffee is a friendly informal networking event for entrepreneurs, professionals, ex-pats, people in the startup community, and students in Krakow.⁣


What is the BIG idea behind Open Coffee?

We want to help people create useful business connections.⁣ Everyone is welcome to our meetings, and we especially love first-timers.⁣

Everyone who comes gets 1-2 minutes to present their idea.⁣

To make it easier for everyone to present, we use this structure:⁣

1. Who you are⁣

2. What are you doing⁣

3. What you need⁣

4. How you can help others⁣

Sometimes you just want to listen, which is totally fine. But we encourage you to introduce yourself. ⁣

Each attendee can also show their LinkedIn page or website to showcase their idea.⁣

The structured part of the meetup starts at 8:00 sharp (you are welcome to come earlier and grab a cup of coffee) and close at 09:00.⁣ After the ending of the official program, we encourage everyone to network and talk with other members of the meeting.


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Meet other people from the Krakow start-up and business community. Find out about events and opportunities or test our your own ideas.

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Do you have an idea but don't know where to start? Open Coffee attendees can help you by offering advice and useful contacts.

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Open Coffee Krakow

Started by Richard Lucas, Open Coffee is a networking event that has been taking place for almost a decade. A place for individuals interested in entrepreneurship and technology to promote their business or project while meeting new people. The event is hosted in English due to the diversity of attendees and the belief that English is the language of business.

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