Podcast Studio

A professional podcast studio located in the centre of Krakow


podcast studio krakow

Yolk's Podcast Studio



  • Rode PodCaster PRO Studio mixer
  • 3 x Rode PodMic
  • Audio Technica Over-ear Headphones
  • Logitech 4K Camera
  • Large monitor
  • Acoustically treated studio

Podcasting for everyone

Creating a podcast is a great way to tell your story or get your companies message across to a wider audience. We set out to create a professional-sounding studio that would make it possible for anyone to use and create the next award-winning podcast.

A professional podcast studio located in Krakow

Podcast Studio Krakow City Center

Conveniently located in the heart of the city, all roads lead to Yolk. The benefits are clear; shorter commutes and easy access to restaurants and other attractions, just to name a few.

how it works

Our equipment is very easy to use. Just bring a clean micro-sd card and record straight onto it. Connect your phone or laptop for remote calls that can be easily recorded and make use of the 4K camera and screen for video calls. We can offer the studio with an engineer to help record and edit or we can set it up and leave you to record by yourself.

Podcast studio with sound engineer in Krakow



Listen to our Podcast

This is your chance to overhear the colorful conversations happening at Yolk. On the podcast, we playfully discuss life in Krakow, community news, and our own silly observations.

"The Yolk team were just getting started when we needed some office space to get our company up and running. They pulled out all the stops to get the space ready to use, and I'm glad they did - great atmosphere and location. This working space has more personality than any of the other offerings in the city - well worth checking out!"
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